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My Charges

My Serivces
My Standard Charges

  Standard rate (between 08:00 and 17:30) £5.50 Per Hour

  • School “Run” only AM and/or PM - This can vary depending on requirements.
  • Before 08:00 and after 17:30 - £8.25 Per Hour
  • Weekends (by very special arrangement only) - £11.00 Per Hour
  • Bank Holidays (by very special arrangement only)  - £16.50 Per Hour

Absence, due to:

  • Sickness (parent or child) - Full Rate
  • Occasional days off (Parent(s)/Carer(s) - Full Rate
  • Parent(s) / Guardian(s) annual holiday - Full Rate
  • School holidays (retainer) - Full Rate
  • Childminders annual holiday - No Charge
  • Childminders sickness - No Charge
  • Playgroup/Nursery School - Full Rate (If dropped off and collected by Childminder) Please See Note `C` Below

Please Note The Following:

A. If the Child(ren) is/are collected earlier than the contracted agreed time the full rate still applies.   

B. If the parent collects the Child(ren) more than 20 mins later than the contracted agreed time an extra half - hour will be charged at the appropriate rate for that time of day, more than 40 mins an extra hour and so on.

C. During the time the minded Child(ren) are at playgroup or any nursery provision, the Childminder should continue to be paid the normal hourly rate as the Childminder is responsible for the Child(ren) during this time, i.e. i the Child(ren) need to be collected early etc.

D. All playgroup / nursery fees should be paid by the parent(s)/Carer(s) (in advance)

E. Childminders cannot undertake the care of very sick children.

F. The Childminder will be taking 25 days annual holiday each year (Jan - Dec), these might coincide with the days your Child(ren) are normally minded.

G. English Bank holidays are chargeable as working days.

H. Discounts are available for siblings

For more details please see infromation contained within my policies in the documentation section.

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